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Project Management for Projects

Deliver Exceptional Projects

You’ve got a high-stakes project coming up — or maybe it’s already underway! Success is vital. We partner our experience with your organizational knowledge so you can avoid costly mistakes and achieve the results you want.

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How We Help

Learn more about how we help organizations with project management.


“I want to capture requirements and/or develop an RFP.”

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Plan And Execute a Project

“I want to get help planning and/or executing a big project.”

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Project Health Assessment

“I want to understand the current health of a project.”

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Prepare Organization for Change

“I want to prepare my organization for implementation.”

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Improve Project Team Dynamics

“I want to improve the way our project team(s) operates.”

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Eliminate “Ready, Fire, Aim!” Syndrome

Are your organization’s priorities changing constantly, without clear rationale? Are your project teams making decisions reactively, based on the pressures of the moment, rather than clear evidence or objective criteria? Are you frequently surprised by stakeholder needs or objections?

These are the symptoms of a “Ready, Fire, Aim!” approach to project management, an all-too-common way of thinking and acting that can create costly results for your organization.

At The Persimmon Group, we help organizations achieve the perfect-for-them balance between adaptability and execution discipline—a nimble “Ready, Aim, FIRE!” approach that enables quick but rational decision-making in the face of rapid change.

It’s time to work smarter.

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